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We offer a variety of installations in Dothan, including adjustable supports, foundation vents and more

Adjustable supports

Pest control and home maintenance come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a variety of installations that can help get control your pests and also ensure that they stay under control. These installations vary in size and are adjustable to give you flexibility to change their size.  These supports are also extremely strong despite their small size. Call us for more information.

Foundation vents and moisture barriers

Crawl spaces can be a favorite place for pests to live and hide. Foundation vents are great because they increase the airflow in crawl spaces and help control pests where they thrive. We also offer moisture barriers as part of our comprehensive pest control service. Moisture barriers protect the floors of crawl spaces from excess moisture, which often attracts pests. With these barriers and foundation vents we can ensure that your crawl spaces are open, dry, and easy to access.
dead roach laying on steps

We're proud members of our community

Our team is hands-down the most qualified pest control team in Dothan and the Wiregrass area. We have decades of experience with pest control in the community. Not only that, we're fully licensed by Georgia Pest Control and Alabama Pest Control, making us a top choice for the region. As a family-owned business, we care about the Dothan community and enjoy serving our neighbors and friends. 
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